Whether you're buying your first investment property or your twentieth, Our team at Mid South Home Buyers understands that selecting your property is an important part of the process and you want to put your hard earned money in the absolute best possible place. Luckily for you, if you select a property from our list, you can't 'go wrong' because our properties are designed to perform from the get-go! There's a reason we review around 25 homes for every one we select to become an investment property. That's because we have a very specific, tried and true formula for investment success. If a home falls outside of those successful parameters, we do not select it for renovation.

ALL of our properties are well maintained with zero deferred maintenance, and are occupied by a screened and qualified tenant with the absolute best property management in Memphis already in place. The combination of the extremely high quality of our renovations and our philosophy of under market rents ensures that when the occasional vacancy does occur, your property, regardless of the property you choose, will re-rent very quickly. We've maintained a 98.3% occupancy rate this entire year (2017.)

We recommend that our investors shop for the highest available cash flow, which is the name of the game! You're not selecting a home to live in (though we think they're quite nice--and so do our renters!) you're buying an income stream that will pay out for years to come while you build equity and rents rise.

When rents and purchase prices are identical, the only variance in cash flows are due to slight differences in taxes.

Any home listed below without pictures is currently undergoing renovation. Click here to see our amazing transformations-- you will not believe these Before-and-Afters! These are real Mid South homes we've sold to investors, and they're completely typical of the kind of transformation your property will undergo. Happy shopping, and feel free to call on your investor coordinator for any assistance!

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