Property Address: 9412 Lew Cir, AR 72209
Your Price: 259000
Bed/Bath: 4/2.5
Total Mo. Pmt: 119
Principal and Interest: 1
Taxes: 83
Est. Insurance: 37
The total monthly payment figure changes depending on what you have entered into the 'customize your cash flow' box at the top of this page. Please scroll up to the red stop sign, and customize the cash flows shown here to your personal purchase strategy.
For financed purchases, the TMP figure reflects your estimated Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance for that house, and is subtracted from the rent to show your monthly cash flows.
For cash purchases, it is your monthly taxes and insurance amount.
If the property management box is checked, that amount is deducted from your cash flows but is not listed as part of your total monthly payment.

Square Feet: 0
Property Taxes: 990
Rent: 1990
Monthly Cash Flow: $1871
9412 Lew Cir was newly constructed in 2022 and all major components and interior and exterior features are from that time.