Real estate investors from all over the globe are buying property in Memphis, TN from Mid South Home Buyers.

Memphis, TN offers a unique opportunity for cash flowing investment properties. Some of the highest cash flows available in the U.S. are available here, due to a combination of our high percentage of renters (almost 50% of the Memphis population rents) and our incredibly low purchase prices. This purchase price to rent ratio is what makes Memphis, TN the number one best choice for real estate investors around the globe. Below are a few statistics about Memphis, the birthplace of rock and roll!

  • Ranked #1: Ten best cities for Real Estate steals–US News & World Report
  • Memphis has one of the highest rent to price ratios in the U.S.
  • In 2008, during the largest real estate crash in U.S. history, Memphis only declined 3% (talk about stable!)
  • Vacancy rates are well below the national average, and the percentage of Memphians who rent eclipses the national average by almost 90%.

Mid South Home Buyers is set up for you to select, purchase, and profit from your investment all from the comfort of your own home. However, we love it when our buyers visit us. If you are considering purchasing, feel free to come visit one of the most entertaining cities in America, view our operations for yourself, and know that we’ll reimburse you $500 for your travel expenses when you choose to purchase.


The United States: experiencing the perfect storm for wealth accumulation.
Memphis TN: consistently rated a hot bed for real estate investors world wide.
Mid South Home Buyers: Renowned as industry leaders within the Memphis market.