Mid South Homebuyer's financing. Mid South Home Buyers is pleased to offer a variety of financing options for both U.S. and international investors. For our American investors, we’re able to offer top notch mortgage brokers who specialize in investment property. For our international buyers, we have bank financing available with competitive rates.

Conventional Financing

(available to U.S. citizens only)

As of today, interest rates as posted on Bankrate.com are 4.59 percent. A typical investment loan will have an interest rate of approximately 1 percentage point higher than the daily posted rate.

Investment loans are available through our lenders with approved credit, terms as follows:

  • 20% of purchase price down
  • 30 year amortization

Alternative Financing

This financing is available to US and non U.S. citizens and entities such as LLC’s. It is a non-recourse loan, so it may be used to finance purchases from self-directed IRA’s or Roth’s. There is no underwriting, and can be utilized by buyers for whom FHA loans are not an option.

  • 40% down
  • 7.5% interest rate
  • 10 year amortization


Feel free to plug your specific numbers into our mortgage calculator at the top of our available properties section to calculate your exact cash flows and total monthly payment.

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Below is a side by side comparison of these two different financing options, applied to the same example house. Neither rent increases nor vacancy are included in this comparison.

Example Property:

3448 Knight Rd, 38118
Investor Price: $66,700
Rent: $795

Conventional Loan: 20% down, 30 Year fixed
Cash Flow: $397 per month x 12(months per year) = $4,764.00 per year x 30(amount of years) = $142,920.00
Total interest paid on loan over 30 years: $37,030.13 at an interest rate of 4.68%
Total cash flow within a 30 year time frame: $142,920.00
Alternative Financing: 40% down, 10 year fixed
Cash Flow: $198 per month x 12(months per year) = $2,376.00 x 10(amount of years) = $23,760.00
Cash Flow: $673 per month x 12(months per year) = $8,076.00 x 20(amount of years) = $161,520.00
10 years with mortgage payment ($23,760) + 20 years with no debt service($161,520.00) = $185,280.00
Total interest paid on loan over 10 years: $36,194.64 at an interest of 7.5%
Total Cash flow within a 30 year time frame: $185,280.00

    “Mid South Home Buyers make investing in real estate an easy process. It’s great to have someone you can trust to guide you through the process.”
    –DJ McCabe – Repeat Buyer, Memphis TN