1 Year Warranty
Our one year home warranty is the strongest in the industry, far and away exceeding coverage many national insurance companies offer. There are no deductibles, trip charges or service fees. Our comprehensive one year warranty covers all the major components of our homes, including but not limited to: heating and cooling systems, water heaters, interior and exterior electrical components, plumbing, structural and foundation issues, and roofing system. Warranty excludes tenant neglect, acts of God, sewer and power surges.

90 Day Rent Guarantee
We’ve never experienced a vacancy over 45 days. This makes it very easy for us to extend our 90 day rent guarantee to you. If your property were ever to fall vacant for 90 days, we’ll pay your rent starting day 91.

1 Year Refill Guarantee
Should your property fall vacant during your first year of ownership, our re-leasing fee is free. Guaranteed.

Customer Service Guarantee
At Mid South Home Buyers, we’re so grateful for our repeat buyers and their continual referrals to their family and friends. We believe that our many referrals stem from the dedication and commitment level of our exceptional team. We guarantee that when you purchase from us, we’ll be there for you before, during, and after the sale. From HD videos of your home to direct deposit and currency conversion, we go out of our way to make your life easier.

    “Their properties had already been renovated. Having seen the quality of the renovations first hand I can say they are top-notch!”
    –Max Snyder – Repeat Buyer, Westchester, PA