I am writing to extend my gratitude for your team's exceptional assistance throughout our recent property acquisitions. As you may be aware, we successfully closed on our third property yesterday and we have property number four scheduled for closure next Monday. At this juncture, I do not have any questions as your team has diligently answered all that arose during the process. I would like to use this opportunity to express my profound satisfaction with your team's outstanding professionalism and dedication. The seamless process we have experienced so far is a testament to their efficiency and commitment to their roles. In closing, my wife and I are grateful for your exceptional service and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with MidSouth.

-Richard J., New York
August 2023

After "Guinea pigging" various real estate companies & strategies over the past year, you have absolutely been the greatest & most professional overall real estate company I’ve worked with. Thank you for everything you do.

-Scott K., South Carolina
February 15th, 2023

Thanks for checking in. Your team is great! They have been responsive to every email that I have sent. One of the best things about you guys is that there is a built in trust so I don't feel the need to be too active. I trust you to handle everything and believe that my tenants are getting a positive experience in my home. Thank you for all that you have done to permit me to tend to other parts of my life and not worry about this!

-Maurice A., Georgia
April 21st, 2023

Doing rental property with you is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan or football with Tom Brady. It has always been a pleasure to do business with you and I don’t see any reason for that to change. One of these days I hope to get to Memphis and meet you in person.

-Sam V., Nevada
April 20, 2020

In 2013, my friends and family thought I was crazy to invest in Memphis TN. I did not have acquaintances or family in the State. I took a chance after listening to the Real Estate Guys interview with Terry Kerr. I got tired of standing on the sidelines and wanted to shoot my shot in real estate investing. I later gave Terry a call in April 2013 to set up an appointment that would change the course of my life forever. Because I booked the trip, this has trickled down to three people within my circle who are closing in the next couple of months. To invest remotely requires trust and MidSouth has earned mines. Thank you all, and be safe during these turbulent times.

-Eric G., New York
April 20, 2020

In 2012, we had a Godsend, when we met Terry Kerr at Mid South Home Buyers and our good fortune has continued throughout the past 7 years.

What initially attracted us to MSHB was the ‘everything under one roof’ offering and we’ve come to deeply appreciate that Terry, owning all the companies that service the properties, is the number one critical success factor for our long term investments.

Originally from the US, I have very high expectations of customer service and product quality. MSHB consistently delivers at a premium level on both. Terry, Liz and the team are top notch folks; focused professionals that are a delight to work with. Everyone has a can-do, friendly attitude and most importantly, they deliver on their promise to provide exceptional value in our investments.

These days, when you find someone that goes above and beyond to make sure your investments offer the best possible return, you stick with them. Terry and his team consistently make our investments stress and worry free, always managing every property, as if it was their own investment.

We have several properties with MSHB and we’re in the process of purchasing more. We wouldn’t consider having our investments with anyone else.

-Beth R., Melbourne, Australia
April 22, 2019

We really appreciate working with you guys - we have properties with four different providers around the country, and Mid South is clearly the best with your level of service, professionalism, and great product!

-Dave K., California
April 17, 2019

It's very difficult to let go of a lot of money and make your first deal. I procrastinated for a year. I realize nothing is guaranteed, but after listening to many things about real estate, I'm convinced that the market and team are more important than the property itself. It seems like Memphis and Midsouth are two top choices for both. I think that you are very valuable with what you do and Midsouth might be the best property management in the country from what I'm seeing. You should be a celebrity in the world of passive real estate investing. I also like the way everything is automated and under one house so when I look at other property management I ask if they are doing the same things. I have yet to see better property management from the outside, but It gives me a standard to look at. If I google "midsouth scam" or midsouth this or that(anything negative or bad), I don't see any complaints online and only hear good things about midsouth even on a website I respect like biggerpockets. These are the things I look at and respect. Thanks so much for what you do Liz. I'm happy to be with you guys.

- Gary C., Texas
February 15, 2019

Wow, this is a testament to how great you guys are that you can have so many deals of varied complexity all going on at the same time while remaining 1,000% efficient. How do yo do it!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to many years of mutually lucrative business together.

-Jeffrey T., New Jersey

Midsouth continues to under promise and over deliver. I have lost track of how many times I have told people about the amazing customer service I have received from Midsouth.

-Eric P., Alaska

From my first conversation with Liz to current date, my experience has been nothing short of delightful. Really, it has been pleasant. You and your team bring value by making the experience feel seamless.

-Adam M., Illinois

Terry, my experience from your team at Midsouth is nothing short of amazing. The customer service I received from Liz, Allison and Steve whom I had constant contact throughout the purchase process is just superb. And I feel confident I will be getting the same great service with your property management team.

-Al P., California

Thank you for the red carpet tour of your offices and our houses! We are truly impressed with the operations you have there -from Terry's deep knowledge of the whole process, to each person's skill set. You have a polished business from start to finish. We appreciate the care that you provide for owners like us, and for the tenants that you keep happy in such a careful way.

-Sandy & Andy S., Washington

Buying a property site unseen can be a little daunting and stress filled. I must say however that your team was phenomenal through the entire process.

Allison was especially good with prompt and informative e-mails and answered many of my questions. Matthew was very comforting and positive when it came time to securing a tenant. Kay with Saddle Creek Title once again did her part. Realize there are many like Liz, Jen and others performing work behind the scenes and for that to we are grateful.

Appreciate the work of all of you and thanks for providing us an opportunity to be investors in Memphis.

-John K., Colorado

I've shopped around other turn key providers, but still haven't found another one that I trust (or like) to the same degree. Happy to be working with Mid-South ! :)

-Dave S., Pennsylvania

I've been very pleased with your whole team. You guys so far have been more professional than anyone I've ever worked with, by miles. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to our next deal!

-Jeremy B., California

I commend you on putting together such a caring, professional, and knowledgeable team! I look forward to the next opportunity!

-Justin L., California

The investment purchase was very smooth. The rehab work was impressive. The speed of tenanting was amazing. The communications has been great. Ya'll almost made it too easy, like I must be forgetting to do something. :) Thanks for the people and processes that you have in place. I'm optimistic about the ongoing win-win relationship with MSHB on this property (and potentially additional).

-Russell R., Tennessee

Allison is great! She is patient, friendly and very knowledgeable for the subject matter. I talk ed to other turn key providers in the region, and Allison made it an easy choice for me to pick you guys.

-Isaac H., California

I'm very glad to have started working with your company and absolutely everyone in your team had been extremely helpful, professional and courteous.

The rehab on the property is top notch and the property management team cannot be better. It took me months on the waiting list to close on this property and was worth the wait.

I can see now why so many investors are interested in working with MSHB. Congratulations for building this solid company and incorporating this amazing team of professionals.

-Mario P., California

Everything has gone very well with the purchasing process and I am very pleased and appreciative to everyone who helped me in the process of acquiring the property.

You have put together a fantastic team of professionals who have excellent knowledge of the renovated turn key investment properties industry. I am in total awe of how well each one compliments each facet of the business and how well and promptly they are in assisting and helping the client!

I am most appreciative to the great professional team and I am also looking forward to a long relationship with Mid South Home Buyers.

-Betty J., Utah

I would like to express my appreciation for the team and Midsouth for the patience everybody had. I know that my getting in touch with the right lender (instead of Wells Fargo, whom I had been using) last minute, threw a cog in the wheels and delayed the whole process. You were well within your rights to move forward with a more prepared investor, but instead Midsouth patiently worked with me and I was still able to pick up this property. Thank you very much!

I'm loving how you guys have handled everything so far and look forward to a long & prosperous relationship.

-Noah K., Utah

I want to commend you on putting together such a great team. Everyone I've worked with at every phase of the process has been absolutely amazing! I couldn't have asked for a more friendly, professional and supportive experience. I'm looking forward to working with your team again.

-Bob B., Arizona

I really appreciate the communication. I have had an excellent experience with Midsouth so far. You have a great team and we have been well taken care of. I look forward to our next investment with you.

-Kim M., West Virginia

Your team has met or exceeded our expectations at every turn. They are very proactive in messaging and very responsive to any questions I've had. In fact, we're just waiting on the next properties to become available. We're ready to do this again!

-Tim and Pam P., Oregon

We've been please with the property and handling of it. It's been so easy and trouble free. We don't even think about it, just wait for the rent deposit to come in.

-Bob B., California

The team has taken excellent care of us and the process could not have been smoother. This is why we have been happy to send referrals your way (3 so far).

We look forward to buying another property with you as soon as our names come back up on the waiting list.

-Matt P, New York

We keep wondering "what's the catch?" We now have 8 houses in Memphis and usually there is some upfront cost we either were not tracking or not expecting (things like a reserve for repairs or tenant placement fees). That hasn't been the case with Schoolfield and your team. I guess the only thing we are now doing is waiting for our name to cycle through so we can work on house number 2 with your company.

Thank you for your business model and we appreciate the character and integrity of your team.

-Ben 0., Hawaii

I would like to say the entire process went extremely well and the entire team was very helpful. Everyone involved assisted me along the way and answered all of my questions in a thorough and timely manner. I look forward to working with Mid South Home Buyers on my current investment and on future investments.

-Dexter B., Canada

Thank you very much for being so friendly, enthusiastic, and spending so much time explaining the details and making me feel more comfortable and confident with my choice to invest with your company!

-Christine N., California

The process was certainly made less troublesome due to the helpfulness of your staff and that of affiliated businesses to whom you referred me. I am looking forward to having my name come up soon again so that I can secure another property.

-Karen B., New York

The process has been superb with grade-A service from beginning to end. This has given great confidence in your team. It reassured me as a first time investor that I had made the right decision by diving into my first investment. Thank you to you and your team. Great job from beginning to end!

-Che T., California

My confidence in you grows, almost daily, :). The people I am referring to you are very precious to me, which is why I am sending them to you.

-Scott F., Michigan

It has a been great service thus far. J can't explain how great it has been to get quick responses!

-Carlos M., Pennsylvania

I appreciate all your help coordinating the get ready process on our properties. You've kept me updated, coordinated to remedy issues that remained uncompleted after the get ready work was completed, and answered my questions quickly. This shows us your very professional work ethic and standard of quality. You do a great job and we appreciate the attention You've given to complete things in the field on our properties.

-Deborah C., Arizona

Cassie & Terry, I have to say that I am so very grateful for you and your team. I appreciate all you do for me, the properties I own, and the tenants that occupy them.

I have been so extremely happy with the level of service that you a ll provide and I would love to do all I can to help promote your company and the amazing product you deliver to the marketplace. I appreciate you going above and beyond

-Ryan L., Utah

You guys are so thorough! Y 'all are the best!

-Crista W., Texas

I could not ask for a better experience with your company, multiple times over. Keep pushing forward and striving for greatness because it's working! I appreciate everything you and everyone there does for me and my family.

-Kevin B., Colorado

Y'all are such a well oiled machine that it doesn't require much (if any) action or thought for me the investor, so no questions thank you. Can't wait until I'm on the top of the List to receive the property emails and purchase my next one!

-Sean C., New York

Liz, thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your great team. The whole process from the very beginning almost seemed too good to be true. I am shocked how well you guys have things humming along. To be totally honest we were just going to get one house and keep doing the multi family transactions, but you make it so easy. I don't see any reason we won't get a house from you at least every year or two.

-Sean K., Ohio

I am extremely satisfied. This acquisition was very smooth and continues to be that way now that we are in the management phase. Thanks for providing an honest, straightforward, and truly turn key real estate investment opportunity.

-Brett C., Nevada

You seem to have figured out the formula where everyone is happy (buyer, renter, seller, etc). Often in business, the levels of happiness on "opposing" sides (say, buyer vs seller) are inversely related. But it seems like everyone in this cycle comes out ahead and everyone's happy! There's a reason MSHB is so successful in what they're doing.

-Chris H., Pennsylvania

It is as if we have become a family --the MSHB family.

-Lynn G., New York

Liz & Allison, I would like to thank you ladies again for helping me with my first investment property. In fact, I just received my first deposit from Mid South and that started my 2019 on the right track. :D You guys are a godsend. Bless you from the bottom of my heart, and my girls’.

-Andy C., California

The process has been very streamlined and I appreciate you reaching out. I am very happy with the purchase so far and look forward to reaching the top of the list again soon.

-Kurt R., California

I just wanted to thank all of you for the tour and for the gift cards to Central BBQ. It was great getting to know all of you and getting to know your company better. Erik and I talked with 5 different turn key property companies on our road trip and we both agreed that Mid South Home Buyers most impressed us of all 5.

-Russell S., California

Your team took excellent care of us when we visited you. I have visited several turn key companies, however it is clear in my eyes that MSHB stands above them all. Excellent customer service as well as transparent and efficient processes in-place.

Have a great day and know that you guys/gals are the cream of the crop in the turn key industry!

-Seef C., Virginia

I’ve been with you since 2013 and I am very grateful for your awesome work. I admire your integrity, honesty and can-do work ethic. You have always responded to my inquiries quickly and with the complete information. I know I can be picky, so I want to thank you for this.

Not only have you helped me with consistent cash flow, but also, together we have helped tenants have a safe, secure, well-maintained and affordable home to live in. This makes the cash flow even sweeter because it warms the heart.

With Gratitude and Thanksgiving,

-John M., New York

Your team’s process and communication is on point. You guys know how to delight your customers. I would recommend your team and company with no hesitation! Keep up the great work!

-Michael E., California

I’ve been approached by numerous other turn key providers, however I would prefer to wait to get one of your properties then deal with another company that I don’t believe I will get the same quality of service with. Thanks again to all of you for all that you do!

-Jeff S., California

Your team has been super helpful and has made this process a breeze. I’m looking forward to working with you guys for years to come!

-Steve N., Wyoming

My husband and I were just analyzing our real estate investment properties and thought we'd share with you that our MSHB properties outshine all the other ones. Specifically, the MSHB properties have had no repairs, most consistent rental payments, the best communication, and the least amount of BS to deal with;).

As I've mentioned before, ya'll run a well-oiled machine. The process is efficient, always looking to self-improve, and communication with the investors even after the closing has been superb. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MSHB and can't wait to acquire more properties!

Be extremely proud of the product and system you've created and continue to operate.

Sarah A., NY.