How We’re Different

There are many ways we at Mid South Home Buyers differ from our competition. We’ve highlighted a few below, but suggest you read our special report, Due Diligence for real estate investors, to get the big picture. We certainly hope to work with you; however, this report will arm you with the questions to ask any turnkey seller, in any market.

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Invest with your retirement funds.

More and more, investors across the U.S. and around the world are tapping their retirement funds to invest in cash flow producing rental property. In the United States, investors utilize their IRA’s by converting their accounts to self-directed IRA custodians. In Australia, investors access their superannuation funds

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Why Memphis

Real estate investors from all over the globe are buying property in Memphis, TN from Mid South Home Buyers. Memphis, TN offers a unique opportunity for cash flowing investment properties. Some of the highest cash flows available in the U.S. are available here, due to a combination of our high percentage of renters (almost 50% of the Memphis population rents) and our incredibly low purchase prices. This purchase price to rent ratio is what makes Memphis, TN the number one best choice for real estate investors around the globe. Below are a few statistics about Memphis, the birthplace of rock and roll!

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Our Renovations

In 2000, I fell in love with making ugly houses pretty, and quit the best job of my life to go full time into real estate. I discovered that when undertaking a large renovation, you never know quite what you’re going to get into. We have an estimate of what our renovation will cost and are usually pretty close to the mark. However, an estimate is just that. I made a decision early on that, regardless of what pops up, we will never cut corners or compromise quality. Our reputation is based upon having hands down the best quality renovation in Memphis TN.

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Stable Neighborhoods

When browsing our available properties you’ll notice there is a recurring theme: our houses tend to be in the same neighborhoods and are relatively the same size, with comparable rents. This is not by accident. Memphis, like all major cities, has multi-million dollar neighborhoods and conversely, areas that are plagued with blight. Mid South Home Buyers, through trial and error, has honed in on the sweet spot in Memphis, TN. These areas are good, solid, blue-collar, working class neighborhoods. We don’t invest in the war zones because it is not safe, and we do not invest in the multi-million dollar neighborhoods because it is not profitable.

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Our Process

Whether you're across town or across the globe, Mid South Home Buyers team of real estate professionals makes our entire real estate investing process from contract to cash flow extremely smooth. Click here to download our super short, buyer-friendly sales contract. Below is our typical purchase process: Review the financing options in our financing section. Decide whether you are a cash buyer or what type of financing you will seek.

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Total Referrals Paid To Date

Welcome to Mid South Homebuyers

For Sale Hi, I’m Terry Kerr, President of Mid South Homebuyers. It took me a while to figure out how to make this business work. I essentially worked for free on the first several houses I renovated, and although I made a lot of mistakes along the way, I learned very valuable lessons on the way to success. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you here, because I know that by educating others, I also educate myself. If you go nowhere else on our website, please check out our due diligence section and arm yourself with the tools to make sound investment decisions, regardless of where you’re buying investment property.

In the last eight years as a real estate investor, passive income has completely transformed my life and the life of my family. Although the overall principals of sound real estate investing practices have remained relatively the same for the last 100 years, the landscape itself has changed dramatically. What worked yesterday may not work today and some of what works today won’t work tomorrow. That’s ok. Change provides opportunity and keeps this business fun.

Purchasing positive cash flow investment properties can help you build your retirement funds, feel confident that your children can go to the university of their choice, or simply to know that you have a financial cushion in these blustery economic times. Congratulations if you are considering this step.

This business is my life’s work. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions, or if you have opposing points of view, your comments. I welcome them all. Together we’ll learn from each other.

Happy investing!

Terry Kerr, President

Don't Buy From Us..

Or anyone for that matter. Until you've Read this crucial Due Diligence Report .

Here we outline 19 important questions you must ask any turnkey seller, regardless of the market you're considering investing in. This report pulls back the curtain and exposes insider secrets many professional sells don't want you to know while revealing the subtle nuances that mean the difference between making a million dollars and losing your shirt.