When browsing our available properties you’ll notice there is a recurring theme: our houses tend to be in the same neighborhoods and are relatively the same size, with comparable rents. This is not by accident.

Our Markets, like all major cities, has multi-million dollar neighborhoods and conversely, areas that are plagued with blight. Mid South Home Buyers, through trial and error, has honed in on the sweet spot in our preferred markets. These areas are good, solid, blue-collar, working class neighborhoods. We don’t invest in the war zones because it is not safe, and we do not invest in the multi-million dollar neighborhoods because it is not profitable.

Mid South Home Buyers invests in the sweet spot. The sweet spot occurs where the relationship between purchase price and market rental rates produces the highest cash flow possible.

When you combine purchasing investment property located in the sweet spot with Mid South Home Buyers tried and true renovation and management philosophies, you acquire an investment product that will serve you for many years to come and will stand the test of time.

Go to our available properties and select yours today.