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Refer friends, family or strangers to Mid South Home Buyers, and receive $1,000 each and every time they purchase a property from us, no real estate experience required. Our average buyer purchases ten properties over time. You’ll get paid each and every time your referral purchases, forever. Simply mentioning our name to a stranger at a party will suffice as a referral, no extra work on your part required.

We record the referral source of each and every investor that purchases property from us. Our referral program has been extremely successful because of our continual payment to referees years after the referral was made. Join the many individuals who receive $1,000 checks from Mid South Home Buyers on a regular basis, who often didn’t even know their referral had come back for another purchase.

    I've made $14,000 in less than 90 days! I can’t speak highly enough of Mid South Home Buyers Referral Program.”
    – Bill Morkes, Memphis TN



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    “The Mid South Home Buyers referral program has been extremely profitable for me. I’ve made $15,000 in the past 90 days.”
    –Marco Santerelli, Orange County, CA